Our Team


team (8)Prof. Vinod Pavarala is the chairholder for the UNESCO Chair on Community Media.

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Faculty Fellows:

team (7)Prof. Vasuki Belavadi graduated with MA (Communication) from University of Hyderabad. He worked for about 11 years in the Print, TV and NGO sectors in various capacities like City Reporter, Correspondent, Sub-editor, News Producer & Programme Co-ordinator. He has taught at Manipal Institute of Communication and Tezpur University. He specialises in video production & has good grounding in radio programming & production too. His research interests include pedagogy of video production and community media. He is the author of Video Production (Oxford University Press, 2008), the first to be published in India. Vasuki Belavadi conducts capacity sharing training in Participatory Video, particularly for children & adolescents. He also manages EXTENSIONS, a blog electronic media.

team (1)Prof. Kanchan K. Malik obtained her PhD in Communication from the University of Hyderabad (UoH). With a dual Master’s degree in Economics and in Mass Communication from Panjab University, Chandigarh, she worked as a journalist with The Economic Times, New Delhi for two years before settling for a career in academics. She taught post-graduate Journalism and Mass Communication courses as a regular faculty member at Kurukshetra University & GND University for over 9 years before joining UoH. She has published research papers on media interventions by non-governmental organizations for empowerment at the grassroots level. She was also a consultant on media content development and publications with the Byrraju Foundation, Hyderabad. She has worked on the project “Religions, Ethics and Attitudes towards Corruption” as part of the Religions and Development project of the University of Birmingham. Her scholastic interests include, Print Journalism; Community Media; Gender Media and Development; and, Media Laws & Ethics. Her book (with Vinod Pavarala) published by Sage (August 2007) is titled Other Voices: the Struggle for Community Radio in India. She is also an active member of the Community Radio Forum of India and associate editor of the e-newsletter – CR News brought out by the department in partnership with UNESCO.

Research Assistants:

team (1)Preeti Raghunath

Area of Research: CR Policymaking in South Asia

Supervisor: Prof. Vinod Pavarala

team (5)Lauella Amy

Area of Research: Citizen Journalism

Supervisor: Prof. Kanchan K. Malik

team (3)Vinesh Kondra

Area of Research: Mobile Telephony and Social Change

Supervisors: Prof. Vinod Pavarala & Prof. Kanchan K. Malik

team (10)Annapurna Sinha

Area of Research: Community Newspapers

Supervisor: Prof. Kanchan K. Malik

team (6)Arun John

Area of Research: Notions of Community in Community Radio

Supervisor: Prof. Vinod Pavarala

team (9)Taijrani Rampersaud

Area of Research: Mapping the Community Mediascape of South Asia

Supervisors: Prof. Kanchan K. Malik & Prof. Vasuki Belavadi

Sreeju Viswanadh

Area of Research: CR and Women Empowerment – An Indian Perspective

Supervisor: Prof. Vinod Pavarala & Prof. Kanchan K. Malik