Community Radio: Continuous Improvement Toolkit

DSCN0268This toolkit was developed with support provided by the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA).

It is an effort at evolving frameworks and standards that the community radio stations themselves could use to review their performances. The quality of performance of a community radio station, for the purpose of this exercise, was seen as something embedded in the core principles of community radio.

This toolkit is an outcome of a participatory and co-learning process. This process involved brainstorming within the team to come up with a preliminary set of parameters and indicators for self- assessment and continuous improvement of the performance of CR Stations. This was followed by intense discussions over two different workshops with representatives of community radio stations from across the country as well as with community radio experts engaged in advocacy, research and capacity building to thrash out and validate the parameters/indicators and evolve a toolkit.

The toolkit is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (international).

Note about Version 2.0:
This new version is an outcome of the learnings from the extensive field testing done by CR stations in India and Bangladesh.

Version 2.0 has a substantially new chapter on the Self-Assessment and Peer Review Process (SA&PR) that we recommend if stations decide to use CRCIT. Please fee free to download and use it at your convenience. We will be grateful for any feedback from users so that the toolkit itself can be continuously improved. Send your feedback to: cmchair DOT uoh AT gmail DOTcom

Download Version 2.0 here.

cr-cit version 2.0

Download the Hindi version here.


Download the Bangladesh edition here.

CR-CIT Bangladesh Edition

Download the German edition here.