Since the CR Policy was passed by the government in 2006, 144 CRs have been set up in the country giving voice to the communities. Community Radios are still in a nascent stage in India and face several challenges. There is a dearth of low-cost and appropriate technology options to help increase interaction and effectiveness of community radio. CRs also lack capacities for integrating technologies which are locally relevant and sustainable. The emergence of digital media has now opened many avenues for CRs to
increase interconnectivity and enhance their potential social impact. Applications of innovations in technology and interconnectedness using digital technology are very
essential for community radios to reach their potential. Development Alternatives is trying to fill the technology gap in the community radio space to strengthen its impact through its new initiatives “Bridging the Digital Divide – Technology Innovations
for Community Radios”. The project proposes to work closely with innovators to identify innovations in digital technology for CRs and pilot them with operational community
radios. The initiative will assess the feasibility of these innovations and the potential to scale up the application of digital technology application for community radios. The application of new technological possibilities in CRs will require testing out models and learning from pilot projects. Development Alternatives is inviting Technology Innovators in the Community Radio Space to share their innovations and get a chance to pilot their technology to other community radios of India.

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