img_6091Save The Children, with support from CEMCA and Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8 took their learning to diverse communities across Indian slum populations in Patna, Delhi, and Mumbai.

The three-day training at each location was held in the months between June and August 2016. The topic was ‘Children and Media’. Children from the slums identified issues that their communities grapple with, such as seasonal floods, fire, poor sanitation, domestic violence and drug abuse.

img_6213The workshop was dedicated to children learning about media, especially community radio, as a participatory tool of communication to identify local issues and inspire possible solutions and behaviour change. They discussed why there are frequent fire outbreaks that sometimes take the shape of a disaster, or their area gets flooded every year during monsoons leading to huge domestic losses in the slums.

The training curriculum included fun-filled activities, through which children could easily understand the community media concept. Upon orientation, the groups used storytelling, drama, interviews, and panel discussions to talk about issues for those living in slums.

High-spirited, energetic children had lots to say to their communities. The workshops featured diverse talent. Though the children in these communities do not have radios of their own, they are planning to share their unique messages by recording them in the form of songs, drama, and storytelling and narrowcast them within their community.

Pooja O. Murada
Arti M. Grover
Alfaz-e-Mewat FM 107.8

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