Writing on the Wall of Remembrance

Writing on the Wall of Remembrance

Radio Active’s eighth birthday was special. Its listeners and supporters took centre stage in more ways than one. First, the birthday party was hosted by Paradigm Shift- a Vegan café and activist centre run by Radio Active’s supporter, volunteer and well-wisher, Sowmya Reddy. Another supporter, Anita Cherian, captured the appropriateness of the setting when she wished the station on Facebook:  “Congratulations and all the best. Paradigm Shift suits the occasion in more than one wayJ Love the way Radio Active makes it a point to balance listening and voicing…”

Another supporter, Meetali Mukherjee, provided more food for thought when she suggested that we use the infinity symbol for the eighth anniversary poster because the number 8 represents infinity. It is fluid, and has no beginning or end. And so, the theme became infinite possibilities….

Everyone who came in had to get a basket of eight possibilities for the station – which resulted in yet more food for thought! Some of the interesting  possibilities included – increase/expand reach, better reach, start signature campaign to sort out frequency issue, develop mobile app, introduce live streaming, policy advocacy for news, transcribe audio stories to print- more than reaching out to more, increase reach through convergence, institutionalize experiences, explore different genre of music, better office space, use community radio as an organizing tool, introduce sports based programmes such as commentary during matches, more documentary, voices to tell other people stories(including stories from the state or other states), introduce fellowships, reach out to other different communities of interest – like the bands that play at the weddings, the dhobi (washer men) community, the old tanga community that Bangalore lost, and  many others. On Ashish Sen’s suggestion, the station decided to put up the Wall of Remembrance, to record people’s association with Radio Active. Some of the comments that the wall received were: “community space”, “voice for the voiceless”, “relationships”, and “beyond boundaries.” Those that could not write, painted flowers and smiles to express their feelings. From flowers, to pet friends, the celebrations had a steady stream of visitors.

Many of the volunteers also re-lived their association with Radio Active, and made everyone nostalgic. It was a perfect day to let one’s hair down. Introductions, interactions and networking with diverse groups jostled for space as communities of interest and supporters danced, and the festivities ended only when the café shut down late at night. We left with an emotion lingering in our minds that the station is full of unlimited possibilities.

Team Radio Active CR 90.4MHz



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