Founded in 2017, Radio Gunjan is considered as the goonj (echo) of a vibrant multi-ethnic community residing in Dhauladhar foothills of the Himalayas. The main objective of the station is to help people connect and transform the community’s life. The station focuses on empowering community voices as well as on reviving folk culture, language, and music etc. It broadcasts programmes in multiple languages like Hindi, Pahadi, Gadiyali, and Punjabi. In this audio, the station offers insights related to its strategies about programming during the pandemic and the challenges that the station has faced in broadcasting programme contents. It also discusses the measures taken to ensure that broadcasting is not affected during the lockdown period and the station is able to reach out to the people with essential information related to Covid-19. It also offers a brief idea about the Mission Corona project that the station has taken up recently. Also, it narrates the newer possibilities that the station is exploring in terms of reaching out to its audience.