Realising the importance of indigenous communities and their knowledge systems, in 2013, Keystone Foundation initiated Radio Kotagiri – a community radio station in the Nilgiris. Radio Kotagiri provides a platform for members of these communities to utilise their oral skills and share their knowledge with the younger generation. In order to celebrate World Radio Day, team Radio Kotagiri invited members of indigenous communities to the station and recorded interesting programmes showcasing their unique expertise and local knowledge to celebrate ‘Radio and Diversity’.
As part of Radio Kotagiri’s programming on Coronavirus (Covid-19), the team is committed to delivering the community with all the essential information. Consequently, health experts are invited to use the radio platform to reach out to community members with information about the precautionary measures to avoid Covid-19. Radio Kotagiri RJs are also constantly sharing valuable information related to the pandemic to keep the community updated. This audio is compiled by the Radio Kotagiri team.