Radio Mattoli in Wayanad district of Kerala is a community radio station initiated by the Catholic Diocese of Mananthavady through its official social service society – Wayanad Social Service Society. The prime objective of the station is to become a credible source of information that has direct and immediate relevance to the community living within its transmission zone. Last year, in 2019 Radio Mattoli completed its ten years of successful broadcasting, providing a platform for farmers, tribals, Dalits, labourers, women, youth and children to speak out and be heard.
This year, on the World Radio Day, Radio Mattoli provided an opportunity for everyone to visit the radio station. The team also staged an exhibition about the history and functioning of Radio Mattoli. More than six hundred people visited Radio Mattoli on the occasion of World Radio Day. Radio Mattoli has also been doing specific broadcasting related to the global pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19), through Public Service Advertisements (PSAs), expert talks, RJ messages, and radio skits etc. with a view to reach out to the communities with essential information. Radio Mattoli is mainly focusing on precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, along with combatting fake news and rumours in its programmes. The audio is compiled by Radio Mattoli.