WOL for Shramik Bharti and Nalamdana

Waqt Ki Awaaz, a community radio promoted by Shramik Bharti got its WOL approval and began its test transmission on August 26. It is a culmination of four years old dream, says Rakesh Pandey, the moving spirit behind Shramik Bharti.

Dr. R. Sreedher informed the CR fraternity that the NGO ‘Nalamdana’ also received the WOL at the same time as Waqt Ki Awaaz. It is already running a cable radio station for the past ten years in the TB hospital that replaced the Thambaram Sanatorium in Chennai. The name of the radio station is Thenral. It is in test transmission mode, and is broadcasting eight hours a day.

Sajan Venniyoor adds: Nalamdana– Are You Well? — is one of those dedicated NGOs that deserve our admiration and praise. It’s “a leader in its field, using theater, music, and radio as tools for HIV education, stigma reduction, and to promote an atmosphere of healing.” Nalamdana’s cable radio in the TB Hospital (or Govt. Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Thambaram, to use its correct name) is, by all accounts, an extraordinary effort. Thendral (or ‘breeze’, as the cable radio is called) “broadcasts for seven and half hours daily, six days a week, in the hospital’s 17 Tuberculosis and HIV wards as well as the out-patient area. It features hospital staff as on-air personalities”. Technically, Thendral would be a hospital radio, a concept that has a valued and acclaimed place in the an- nals of cable radio and low power FM. I’ve often wondered why AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital, side-by-side and so important to Delhi, don’t have their own radio station. I hope someone will take this up as a challenge; I’m delighted that Nalamdana has shown the way.