Inspired by the values and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi to bring positive change in the society, Radio Swaraj came into being in 2018. It is located in the Chandikhole region of Jajpur, Odisha. The station caters to the women, farmers, youth, and adolescent community in and around Chandikhole with a particular programming focus on issues like gender, women empowerment, local self-governance, minority rights, disaster management, and education etc. In this audio, team Radio Swaraj narrates their journey of broadcasting their programmes during the pandemic. It is also giving a detailed explanation about the key challenges that the station has faced due to the restriction imposed by the administration to curb the spread of COVID-19. It also states how the pandemic has offered a great opportunity to reach out to communities with programmes related to Covid-19 and this has helped the station to create an identity of its own.